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white Fairway taxi for hire – wedding car hire



  1. A minimum charge of £150.00 applies to all Taxi Wedding Company bookings.

  2. Provisional Bookings will only be held for 1 week. Bookings are only confirmed after Taxi Wedding Company receives a deposit of 50% per vehicle.

  3. Quotations and estimates supplied by Taxi Wedding Company are null and void 1 week after the estimate date if no deposit has been received.

  4. Full payment of booking must be received 4 weeks before booked date. If bookings are made with only 2 weeks left deposits are not accepted and payment in full must be received immediately to confirm booking.

  5. All payments received are not refundable or transferable.

  6. Any payment made equals acceptance of these Terms.

  7. Extra costs such as mileage, time or parking charges must be paid in 'cash only' at the end of the hire. Extra time and mileage is charged at £55.00 per hour in increments.

  8. Amendments/deviations to original journey as booked, on the day of hire will incur additional costs.

  9. By law all Taxi Wedding Company vehicles are strictly non-smoking.

  10. Taxi Wedding Company maintains the right to refuse a booking without liability and without giving reason.

  11. Taxi Wedding Company are not responsible for any loss; financial, professional, emotional due to the booked vehicle arriving at the pick-up address late due to circumstances beyond The Companies control. This includes missed flights or connections.

  12. Quoted journey times are estimated only. Taxi Wedding Company are not responsible for any loss due to lateness through circumstances beyond The Companies control.

  13. Taxi Wedding Company accepts no responsibility for any delays caused by unexpected mechanical fault, Taxi Wedding Company reserves the right to provide an alternative vehicle where possible.

  14. Taxi Wedding Company accepts no responsibility and are in no way liable for any loss or damage, accidental or not, to client’s personal property. Taxi Wedding Company cannot be held responsible for the safe return of any property left in the vehicle.

  15. If Taxi Wedding Company cancels the booking it shall have no liability to the client or intended passenger(s) if it has used reasonable endeavors to fulfill the booking and to notify the client of the cancellation.

  16. Taxi Wedding Company reserves the right to terminate any and all services to rude and abusive clients without any refund of payment.

  17. Taxi Wedding Company should be informed if luggage space is required. Luggage includes only one reasonable sized suitcase and bag per passenger.

  18. Food or drink is not allowed within the vehicle unless supplied by Taxi Wedding Company. The booker is responsible for any damage or cleaning costs incurred through the consumption of food or drink.

  19. Taxi Wedding Company accepts no liability for damage to clothing i.e. marks or tears. Due care must be taken on entering or exiting any vehicle as hinges may have been oiled or greased.

  20. Any damage to the vehicle by any passenger will result in a charge. This includes spillage, sickness, burns or tears.
  21. Taxi Wedding Company will prosecute any person who causes willful damage to any vehicle.

  22. The driver has the right to refuse any passenger.

  23. For all bookings, other than weddings, a maximum of 20 minutes waiting time is automatically included in the price.

  24. Changes can be made to these Terms by Taxi Wedding Company at any given time without prior notification to the client.

  25. The Taxi Wedding Company logo design © 2021, Joanne Wood Design Ltd. No part of the logo or website can be copied without earlier written permission from Taxi Wedding Company. Joanne Wood Design Ltd. will not supply the Taxi Wedding Company logo or design elements without earlier written permission from Taxi Wedding Company. This logo is covered by UK copyright law as outlined in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Issue date: 16/02/2021

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